3rd Forum - 26 Settembre 2014


Semester of the Italian Presidency of the EU Council gives us the possibility of an update of the policies in the Mediterranean at the very moment in which a widespread awareness is advancing, from the ECB itself, that a Europe-wheel Baltic, all rigor and fiscal compact, can not function. The Premier has also stressed several times, inviting the European policy "to change", bringing the Mediterranean to the heart of the process of construction that can not only be understood as a fact "Continental" in the strict sense, but as the focus of a process that must include the dial Eurasian and the African area subtropical. The study of the events of the Great Sea, to use one of the many definitions that accompaniment, is therefore a critical step to rebuild the connective tissue of relationships and clashes successive prehistoric times until today, when the speed of communication networks seem to have accelerated even political events. Suffice it to say that in just three years we have gone from promises of the so-called Arab spring to fleeting convulsive and tragic puzzle Middle East in recent months, which is the same unit scrapped-state outputs by now decrepit Sikes-Picot agreements of almost one hundred years ago.
Franco Cardini inside the "Il Grande Blu", wants to take this opportunity and offer us a re-reading of the Mediterranean that enhances the elements of unity and continuity, researching those guidelines that incomprehensibly tend to re-emerge in the course of history as an indelible imprint. And the Ciheam - Centre International de Hautes ètudes Agronomiques Mèditerranèennes - born in 1962 thanks to the intuition of a political leadership of the Latin countries that wanted to make the instrument of decolonization of a new approach, nevertheless a cold war, between the North and the South, could not fail to grasp this spirit to legitimize his mission, that of dialogue and exchange between the different banks. Close to this reconstruction effort the family album - from Braudel to Cardini, passing to Abulafia and Matvejevic - trade flows and capital which that investing in the big game of the new globalization of commodity and tangible assets, require of Europe a presence multiplied because investments on non-European Mediterranean are growing dramatically if not, far exceeding the traditional EU allowances. In this sense MediTerra, the periodic rapport from the Ciheam produce on the global agricultural market and on the logistic of the Mediterranean represent an weapon in the hand of institution and entrepreneurial in the daily competition that knows no boundaries of space and respite. That why we believe you deserve wider dissemination beyond the circle of insiders.
During "The day of Mediterranean" on the 26th September saw the lesson on "Il Grande Blu" of Franco Cardini and the presentation of MediTerra 2014 that followed to authoritative testimonies from representatives of 13 Country of the Ciheam on the geopolitical emergency that needs a major integration and a support even more convinced from Brussels, too often it sucked on the east-west. A workhorse of our foreign policy that recurs in all its dramatic topical because, as history teaches us, Italy is the center axis of the Mediterranean and it is thanks to this genius loci that drew the riches of a civilization incomparable.

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