1st Forum - 12 Luglio 2013


Forum focused on the market and the supply energy chain afferent in our old sea.
That period of great fibrillation political and economic, still reconfirms the centrality of the Mediterranean as a multicultural Koinè and strategic hub crossed by the two major global emergencies , as energy supply and the food . The CIHEAM , Centre International de Hautes Etudes Mediterranean Agronomic, and IAMB, Mediterranean Agronomic Istitute of Bari, have organized a moment of reflection on the update of the developments and prospects. At the meeting , which was held at the headquarter of IAMB and which was introduced by Professor Franco Cardini, was attended by the leaders of some of the most important Italian companies engaged in investment in energy and food in the Mediterranean area. An effort of strategic reading was considered important precisely in tune with the aims of the CIHEAM , that fifty years ago, in full decolonization, the Founding Fathers , including Aldo Moro, took as economic and cultural bridge between the shore of the Sea of the oldest civilizations.

Job opening
Cosimo Lacirignola (General Director Iamb) Franco Cardini (historian

Giampaolo Cantini, General Director for Development Cooperation
Stefania Craxi, Presidetn of Craxi Foundation
Luca Lanzalone, senior partner law firm Lanzalone & Partners
Lucio gallo, Vice Presiden Ansaldo Energia
Georges Mikhail, President Energrid
Valter Pallano, Ceo iren Mercato
Roberto Testa, Director biomass, Enel Green Power
Federico Vecchioni, President Terrae

Gianni Bonini, Italian delegate CIHEAM
Paolo De Castro, President of the European Parliament Agriculture

Committee chair
Debora Degl’Innocenti, Technical advisor to CIHEAM

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