Since 2013 , the Forum of Energie del Mediterraneo (EDM) it focused on events about the safety food, security food , environmental and energies, in a particular period where , the Mediterranean area but also all the world, feel the necessity to stimulate open discussion about the future of European and global agricultural , on the relationship between the people, integration, alimentation and energy. In short everything “feel the life” and which refers to the title of the upcoming EXPO 2015 “Feeding the planet, energy for life”. Concurrently with the International exposition of Milan from the 1st May, we make a restyling of logo EDM for mark and make graphically even m more essential some of the items which are the focus for the debate on the future of these themes, re put in the centre the Mediterranean in relation with the new European and global asset that rapid emerging ,with new mechanism . The color of the “new” logo show (blue) the water as a precious resource for the life and for the sea, theatre of exchanges, encounters and meetings and (yellow) for the sun and for the energy, finally the life represented with a suddenly royal (rays were stylized as a crown) providing the foundations graphics essential to postpone the proposed themes.

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