2nd Forum - 13 Giugno 2014


The last election have confirmed a variable geometry Europe markets, that of Jean Monnet to speak, it must be radically overcome. The economic decline and the Teutonic rigor at the expense of the Latin America have produced a boost to the re-nationalization and the euro witouh a credible groth plan is like an irreversible crisis.Ukraine is the pathology of a European policy and that there is no after Maastricht became the substitute bureaucratic dirigisme.
Leviathan Brussels that "filters the gnat and swallow the camel", to quote the evangelist Matthew and it is also aesthetically drift, is dismantled in favor of the new centrality of the European Parliament. The Mediterranean must once again become a key focus, after the Carolingian infatuations, not only for its history but also because of its civilizing crucible comparing, today perhaps more than ever, cultures and businesses of the three great worlds that face , Europe, Asia and Africa. Read the new geopolica multipolar New World that has emerged after the Cold War, it is absolutely necessary especially for us Italians who, after an unprecedented development in the shelter of the Berlin Wall, we have to deal with international competition and also very continental aggressive and unscrupulous. The soft power of Obama can not protect ourselves.
It is time to bring out our best genius who still possess, that magnificently represented in the Decameron of Boccaccio, the spirit of those merchants entrepreneurs anticipating very ethics of capitalism, conquered global markets spreading a culture unique and unparalleled.
There is an Italy-edge professions, living contemporaneity as an opportunity for personal achievement and group, that is perfectly at home on the scenarios of the financial markets as in the temples of culture, in Rome as at Ebla , in New York, in Kazakhstan as Harvard, in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon with farmers and with the Scythians Ciheam, in Shanghai and Korea with samples of fabric as producers-Florentine bankers of the fourteenth century, on-deck ships carrying energy in Livorno as in the Persian Gulf, in laboratories where genetic Americans creates life like in the garage of the West Coast that have given birth to the web generation. is an Italian gens that laziness collar of our media at times recalls only when you can see a potential scoop, instead Politics with a capital P must give priority to the optimism of the will give a solid basis. This we want to do, create a network, a network that enhances the real-time intelligence and know-how, provide the market and the policy is a sampling of knowledge and experience of high academic value not abstractly, but the source of economic wealth in short a contribution in terms of growth which is the true condition because it would resume growing. We started last year in Bari, continue this year in Florence, in the beautiful scenery of the Fattoria di Maiano, with a unique audience of old and new friends.

Si non est civis mundi non est homo.

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