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  • La storia dell'Energia è la storia del mondo

  • Le interconnessioni tra Energia, Agricoltura, Essere Umano, Ambiente realizzano un ragionevole Futuro per l'umanità


Le Energie del Mediterraneo

In a period of great fibrillation political and economic which reconfirm the centrality of the Mediterranean as multicultural Koinè and strategic hub crossed by two major global emergencies: food and energy, LE ENERGIE DEL MEDITERRANEO promotes debates and reflections on the evolutions and the prospects of the Mediterranean area.
Le ENERGIE DEL MEDITERRANEO, through the experience and the contribution of individual speakers and coordinators, will examine fundamental issues for the future of agricultural production, preserving of the environments , conscious use of resources and energy. Also inspired by the vision of the future of relation between Europe and Arab world, where man is on the center as a custodian and not master of the earth.