About Us

We wanted to create a Forum that talks about the future of the Mediterranean, which addresses issues on the prospects Euro-Mediterranean in the field of geopolitics and geo-economics of the food, of the energies and the increasingly complex issue of dialogue between peoples.
The Mediterranean, appears under the scholar’s eyes as an interesting geographic, cultural and social reality, subject of countless reflections geostrategic and geopolitic's analysis. Besides, it’s a place that has been origin of the historical processes that can influence the development of East and West and that still sees the presence of peoples who had shared millennial events.
Although the southern European countries, those Adriatic , those Middle Eastern and North African ,undoubtedly present some heterogeneity at political historian level, the Mediterranean world has developed over time a set of economics relations, human policies that ensure the regional dimension.
How wrote Gerard Claude in La Mediterranee geopolitique et relations internationales, the Mediterranean covers geographic dimensions more important than the real geographic positions.
The geographic is not enough. It is a global challenge and that also applies at the Mediterranean . The Mediterranean is not more in the central of the world, but it is still centre of geopolitics, geo-economic, trade, tourism and migration that deserves our attention, because from the future of the Mediterranean depends the ones of Europe and more the ones of Italy.

Our aim is to stimulate open discussion about the future of the agricultural, energy and social behavior in the Mediterranean area and to observe possible developments , assessing what needs and what can be achieved in the medium and long term, balancing issues of importance such as food (security & safety), environment and also the social integrations.

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